Throughout my undergrad studies I was more curious about Java programming. Some programming language like C, C++ and Core Java was the part of my academic curriculum but only java makes a major rule in the academic project, seminar etc. After graduation, my first look at Python was an accident, and I didn’t much like what I saw at the time. But later with the help of e learning I’ve given trying to understand and I found this somewhat interesting. I had already heard just enough about Python to know that it is what is nowadays called an interpretive language with its own built-in memory management and good facilities for calling and cooperating with other programs. So I dived into Programming Python with one question uppermost in my mind: what has this got that Java does not?

According to me Python is very easier than Java, I worked with java more than 3 years but still I face many difficulties to handle it but python doesn’t give me such type of headache yet. Now I always wonder if such an easy language was available in the market then why I was juggling with programming like Java. At this point of life, for me C is a faster language, Java is more used language and Python is most powerful language. I am still in the early stage of learning of Python also I don’t have deeper knowledge about Python like how its work differently than other language? How it gets a lot of different things right? Its robustness and maintenance/speed are still mystery for me now.

I know every coin have two faces; if Python has some advantages then it also some disadvantages too. As I already mention that I am not an expert in this yet. So, I’ll try to update my information bank about python. I really look forward to make python as my partner.